Karen Graci & Nick Armstrong Workshops – Full Weekend


Choose Confidence - Karen Graci Workshop

Whether you’re a new improviser or a more experienced one, new patterns of thinking can help jumpstart your performances (and your enjoyment of them)!

This workshop will include both written exercises and on-stage work to boost your confidence as an improv performer both on and off the stage. Open to all levels.

Note: This workshop will be held at the Residence Inn Williams Center. 5400 W Williams Circle (near Broadway & Craycroft).

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Genre-Style Long Form - Nick Armstrong Workshop

Nick will have the improviser explore a different side of long-form improvisation. In this workshop, improvisers will find how to successfully play genre-style improv and learn how to create rich and unforgettable characters.

Stage picture, characters and environment all come together to create what we want the audience to think is a scripted piece.

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From Moment One - Karen Graci Workshop

Feel overwhelmed in scenes? Thinking too much? Doubting your choices as a performer?

This workshop specifically focuses on how natural, honest choices from the very first moment in scenes lead to solid scene work. Students will learn how to build their confidence, by tapping into the power of immediate physical, emotional, and vocal choices, and discover ways to create these organic starting points.

This workshop challenges students to trust their instincts, while balancing character development, scenic relationships and game.

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Harold Intensive - Nick Armstrong & Karen Graci Workshop

This workshop designed to give you a crash course in the form Harold. You will learn about organic openings, structure, game, thematic elements and the ensemble work of a Harold.

This course is based off of King Ten’s Harold out of iO West and M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theater.

King Ten is the longest running and critically acclaimed Harold team out of Los Angeles and has been doing the Harold for over 16 years. To check out King Ten playing go to https://kingtenimprov.com/show-videos/ and check it out.

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