Unscrewed Theater is proud to have many wonderful individual and corporate partners who donate their time and resources to help make us a success.

When you patronize these amazing people you’ll be directly supporting Unscrewed Theater’s mission to bring high quality, low cost, community oriented improvisational entertainment to Tucson for many years to come!

Jon and Patti Scanlon of JustListedTucsonAZ.com support Unscrewed Theater by donating a portion of their commission

Jon and Patti Scanlon

Professional real estate agents with many decades of experience to serve your needs. They are staunch supporters of Unscrewed Theater and not only do they donate frequently, but Jon often takes photos of our shows and posts them to Facebook.

Find them at: www.JustListedTucsonAZ.com or email them at [email protected] for ALL your real estate needs!

Simply Bits/Nextrio

Local tech company Simply Bits provides our phone and internet service to us for no cost! Want an alternative to the big companies that are bringing you phone and internet, think Simply Bits. Find them at simplybits.com and let them know we sent you!

Simply Bits/Nextrio supports Unscrewed Theater by providing free phone and internet service

Support Unscrewed Theater with your normal Amazon shopping!

Amazon Smile

By far the easiest way to support us! Simply put a smile in front of amazon.com (like this) smile.amazon.com and log into your account like normal. At the top left of the page you can search and select Unscrewed Theater as your charity of choice. That’s it! Shop like you normally would, there are no extra fees and once a quarter we get a little bit of the total of all the qualifies purchases sent to us, how easy is that!?


Ori Parnaby has chosen to support Unscrewed Theater by making us her charity of choice in her organization. You can shop for eco friendly products you already use and perhaps even go into business for yourself! Contact her at 520-661-8528 or visit www.lovemygreenlife.com for all the information you might need and tell her we said hi and thank you!

Shop green and support Unscrewed Theater!