Unscrewed Theater Instructors

Unscrewed Theater offers a curriculum of beginner, intermediate, and advanced improv training. Our instructors have studied with many of improv’s greats and love sharing their expertise and experience with the Tucson community. Additionally, we are proud to host regular workshops and special events throughout the year with improv masters from around the country, including David Razowsky, Paul Vaillancourt, Jaime Moyer, Jill Bernard, Gary Jacobs, and more. 

If you’ve ever watched a show at Unscrewed Theater and thought, “I could do that”, you can!  If you’ve watched and thought “I could never do that,” think again!

We’re here to get you on your feet and improvising in a safe, fun, exciting environment. Whether you just want learn valuable communication skills or want a new way to stretch your performer muscles, our instructors are ready to introduce you to the world of improvisation!

  • Cris Candelario

    CrisCandelarioCris Candelario has been studying and performing improv for 11 years. Cris started teaching improv 5 years ago after wanting to pass on what he had learned thru workshops and summer intensives to others. Cris continues to attend classes and workshops across the country, taught by improv leaders and master teachers to bring this info back to Tucson to make the community stronger.

    Cris regularly travels to improv festivals and other communities to learn the latest of both short and long form and brings this back in to the classroom. Cris has also taught professionally at the university level since 2001 and understands adult learning needs and expectations. Cris loves to teach and brings his fun and enthusiasm that you see on the stage, combined with his professionalism from the workplace, to a class that will both be fun and be challenging.

  • Chris Seidman


    Chris Seidman has been a performing member of Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed since 2005, and an improv instructor since March 2013. For over a decade, he has studied improv theory and practice with a variety of Improv veterans, including educational directors of Second City and iO (ImprovOlympic). Not to mention collaborating with Unscrewed Theater’s well-versed and professional instructor team.

    Chris believes the world would be a better place if everyone took an improv class. AND, it’s fun! Improv changes lives.

  • Scott Shaver


    Scott Shaver was born Houston Texas and struggle to hide his thick southern accent. He has performed with Not Burned Out, Just Unscrewed for somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 years.

    During the day Scott is better lit and works as a teacher.

  • Rob Sparks


    Rob Sparks has been studying, performing and teaching improv for over twenty years starting at Grinnell College in the 90’s. 

    He’s a main stage player at Unscrewed Theater and has performed in well over 300 shows over the years. He’s studied with many nationally known improv teachers and brings a wealth of knowledge and love for the craft to his classes! 

  • Jessica Spenny

    JessicaSpennyJessica Spenny has been at main stage player with Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed for over ten years and has been teaching for three.

    She holds a bachelors degree in theater with a emphasis in directing from University of Michigan and combines a passion for performance with grounded, real world techniques in her classes!

  • Michael Vietinghoff

    Enroll in Improv 101 with Michael!

    MikeVietinghoffMike has been studying, performing and teaching improv for almost 15 years. He is one of the founding members of Unscrewed Theater and performs weekly with the Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed: Tucson’s premier improv troop.

    He firmly believes that the skills you learn in improv are directly applicable to everyday life as well!