Laura & Rick Hall Song Improv Workshops

Have you ever wanted to improvise songs like they do on Whose Line is it Anyway? Then one of Laura & Rick Hall’s Song Improv Workshops will be perfect for you.

Laura Hall and her husband, Rick Hall, (The Second City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Factory) create a supportive, fun workshop environment where you can grow, explore and move out of your comfort zone, starting with warmups and games to help ease into singing. They especially like helping people discover that music improv is really fun and something they can do joyfully & successfully.

Unscrewed Theater is proud to present two 3-hour workshops with Laura & Rick: one for beginners – no singing or musical improv experience required, and one for advanced improvisers and improvisers with musical experience.

Workshops are $100 each.

Maximum number of students for each workshop is 16. Students must be 18 years or older. Tuition is non-refundable.

Beginning Workshop

Saturday, September 16. 10am – 1pm

If you’re new to improv in general or just want to see what song improv is about, our Beginning Workshop is perfect for you.

You’ll build vocal confidence and learn to listen to each other and the accompaniment. You’ll learn about creating characters and stories through song.

Before you know it, you’ll be belting out your own great improvised songs!

Advanced Workshop

Saturday, September 16. 2pm – 5pm

If you’re already a more experienced improvisor, then the Advanced Workshop is for you.

We’ll work on songprov as a natural extension of your existing improv skills.

We’ll focus on creating a strong “who” and “where” for your songs, look at musical form and structure, advanced harmonies and more.

Special Performance

Saturday, September 16. 9:30pm

Special Performance featuring Laura and Rick Hall. More details and tickets coming soon!

Both Workshops will be held at Unscrewed Theater, located at 3244 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716 (across from The Loft Cinema, next to Fronimo’s). Parking and entrance are located in the rear of the building. Turn in to the Walgreen’s parking lot and go to the left around the building.

Unscrewed Theater is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching, performing, and producing all forms of live improvisational theater in Tucson, AZ.

About Laura Hall

Best known as the improvisational pianist on the hit TV show, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Laura Hall has toured the country doing live improv performances with Drew Carey and the Improv All-Stars. And she’s done two successful runs of Whose Line Live on the West End in London.

Along with improviser and author Bob Baker, Laura has written The Improv Comedy Musician, a book that teaches how to do what she does on Whose Line.  She draws on her years of experience playing for improv live and on television.

Laura has created Improv Karaoke, designed for song improv, like we do on Whose Line. The two cd set includes a tutorial and demos by some of Laura’s favorite improvisers, and then fully produced tracks for improvising your very own songs. Volume 2 has more styles to sing with. It’s like karaoke, but you make it up.

Laura and her husband, Rick Hall, travel around the country teaching teach music improv at festivals, colleges and theaters.  They especially love helping students realize that music improv doesn’t need to be scary, and anyone can do it joyfully and successfully.

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